14th October 2018

Have this running thought that maybe I should just have visual entries instead? Like a VSCO feed kind of thing? But without the limitation of a word count — because you know, some entries could use more than that 140-word limit hahaha. 

Anyhow, this week has pretty much been dedicated to the experience of being in new situations? Attended my first “proper” symposium earlier this week — a presentation and discourse of works dedicated to the healthcare architecture industry — specifically for the silver generation. And yes, it is that symposium as part of Archifest 2018 — Design for Silver Generation Symposium.

Also, 😊, where I met new faces from polar industries but with a shared enthusiasm for a particular subject matter. Shoutout 👋 to Mr Francis (a retiree/advocate) and Alyssa (a researcher from SGH wut wut)! Thank you for sharing such new perspectives and nuggets of wisdom! Pretty hillarious how we actually met — collectively getting lost at the lobby of NDC (National Design Centre) and clueless to getting to the event location.

And then there is this ongoing docent stint with Objectifs for an exhibition on caregiving (which anyone who’s reading this should attend!) — “Personally Speaking — The Art of Caregiving”. Definitely a real new subject matter altogether — a discussion and advocating space on the experiences, issues and sentiments of caregivers and care recipients. An eye-opening, thought-provoking and soul-search inducing exhibition definitely — of the works by the artists x caregivers/care recipients themselves and the conversations with the public who are willing to talk about it.

Punggol Oasis Terraces; a verily beautiful project by Serie Architects integrating a healthcare (polyclinic) and commercial programme. Also, come on man, you can’t deny that the terraced gardens do somehow make you wonder if the fabled Hanging Gardens of Babylon looked something like this?

Joseph Chiang — the artist/printmaker who has done really rad linocuts in epicly large proportions advocating for a change of mindset. Also, yes, this is THE Joseph Chiang who runs Monster Gallery!

Uncle Chai Hock, Moon, Qi Yu and Alvyna — here’s a shoutout for being such a brilliant docent partners hahaha. So many words of wisdom and new perspectives shared; I wish you all the best with your endeavors from here on!