2nd October 2018

Hello there digital journal. Been thinking a partial bit (or maybe more) of what to actually write down here because let’s be honest — I’m not too sure just what exactly would constitute a best topic or theme for a seeming digital portfolio / journal kind of thing. But then again, it hit me that hey, the chances of someone reading this is pretty slim too hahaha so I might as well just write down whatever is in my head at this point of time — nothing too personal though, trying to keep it semi-formal with a topic worth reading / glazing over about.

So fast forward from the above digress, just want to share some images made from the short trip to Malaysia the weekend ago!

Man, in all honesty, cliche it might be, the sights and sounds of Malaysia (or somewhere not Singapore) is verily refreshing. The culture too. The people in Malaysia have a seemingly mellow vibe to their life — just going on about doing whatever they are doing and being happy about it. Or maybe not? I will never know — such a happy and cheerful disposition from the get-go can't be hiding that much bitterness... can it?

But that’s beside it. What really interests me I feel is also the fact that I think Malaysia’s architects have done a really cool job at integrating the vernacular of Malay architecture with that of a more modernist / modern-manufacturing-means kind of need? Still yet much to uncover and understand though but yes! Till then!